Get Your Music Heard

Do You have what it takes?

  ​Do you believe your Music is Hot? We do to! Let’s see if the world agrees. Power5150 has put together some music packages to give the independent music artist like you the opportunity you have always been waiting for; getting your music play by the radio station and to the masses. We have 100 music partners and stations whom we share music with and over 1 Million listeners worldwide. Our Radio station is being streamed in stores and restaurants across the globe. This gives you opportunities you never had before. If you are ready to take your music to the next level, select the package that works for you.  
Radio Listening Party   $99.99

The  Radio Listening Party will spin your entire album and talk about the songs on the date and time  of your selection on Power 5150 Radio Station and replay the very next day at the same time to our over 50 Thousand listeners.
Radio Interview       $59.99

The Radio Interview; We will conduct a 25 min Radio interview of you and play two of your songs during the interview. You have your choice on who you would like to interview you. 
Platinum Radio Spins  $99.99

The Platinum Radio Spins; will spin your song on Heavy Ration for 60 days, about 10 to 20 times daily on Power 5150 Radio Station anytime throughout the day and night to our over 50 Thousand listeners.
Submit My Song   $9.99

We will Spin (1) original Song for 7 days and put it in normal rotation.
Your Song could be requested once submitted and possible added to the daily Top Ten Countdown. 
Sling it or Bang it   $5.99

This is your opportunity to submit your music or video which will be played live and critiqued live by our Radio hosts and broadcast across our Radio station. Your Sonog will also be streamed via Facebook live and YouTube live. If your song gets a majority thumbs up; we will (BANG IT) which will automatically enter your song into our Slang it or Bang it Count Down and also enter your song in for a chance to win Ten Thousand Dollars. If your song gets a majority thumbs down; it will not be entered.